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Gobelin Tapestry

The artist Givi Kandareli developed the Georgian school of Gobelin Tapestry at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tblisi, Georgia. Gobelin is a traditional technique of handmade tapestry which is still practiced at the Manufacture des Gobelins in Paris.

Gobelin is woven on a vertical loom. The loom is strung vertically with the warp thread and then woven horizontally with the weft thread, so that the warp is completely hidden by the design created with the weft thread.

At the Academy of Fine Arts I learned the technique of Gobelin Tapestry from Givi Kandareli and Manana Dzidzikashvili. Most of my Gobelin is still in Georgia but I hope to start working on some new pieces here in England.

Lost Lamb

A small Gobelin Tapestry piece, with traditional rural theme, using wool

30 cm x 37 cm


This Gobelin Tapestry piece is a still life that I made in Georgia, using wool. A study for the piece is on the left, the finished tapestry on the right.


Tblisi in the Snow

This tapestry is unfinished and sadly is still in Georgia, but I have uploaded the study for it here.